Preparing Kids for a Vibrant Career with Tech

By the time a child gets is twelve years old, they have picked and discarded at least ten future careers. Their interests, like their attention span, can be short, ranging from a desire to be a wrestler, to a doctor, to a teacher, to a baker, to a cook, and the list goes on and on. Who can blame them? Who wouldn’t want to be a doctor after watching Doc McStuffins? Or an Animal Tamer after watching Lion Pride?

Many things can catch a child’s attention and become the object of their interest for some time. Unfortunately, maintaining that interest is the problem.

This can be a bit of a problem for an intentional 21st century parent who is looking to position their child for relevance and profit in whatever career of their choice in the nearest future. The world of today has seen so many massive career and technological revolutions. Now, people can earn a great living by being ‘influencers,’ ‘virtual assistants,’ ‘product managers,’ and many more new jobs that have sprung up largely as a result of the technological revolution. Many people have stumbled into global domination just by investing in new tech ideas like Crytocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, etc. The waters are murky, a little uncertain, and unclear. Some tech revolutions have changed the world, others have crashed and investors have lost millions. There is no clear answer on what would be profitable in the present as well as the future. Besides, not every child is a tech enthusiast. How then can a parent properly position their child for future career excellence and achievements?

By giving them a strong foundational knowledge on tech.

Yes, everybody cannot be a techie, but did you realize that tech is very vital and a prominent feature in every career on earth right now? Whatever career your child may decide to venture into in the future, tech plays a very key role in that industry. Introducing a child to tech is a guaranteed way to ensure that they have the upper hand in whatever career they choose to venture into when they grow up. Having tech skills will position that child for relevance and better global opportunities.

How is tech playing a prominent role in global industries? What if your child wants to be a cook? Or a singer? An actor? Whatever the career choice, tech is extremely relevant in that industry. Let’s examine some industries.


Technology in medicine, popularly called MedTech, refers to tech solutions that are used to diagnose, monitor, prevent, and/or treat diseases, thereby improving the health of patients by a large margin. Already, there has been so many technological advancements in this industry including Remote Patient Monitoring which is when doctors use tech to monitor the health of patients from afar without the patients having to go to a lab or hospital. This technology is of extreme importance and was greatly used during the COVID-19 pandemic when human to human interactions were restricted.

Artificial Intelligence is used in medicine to not only analyze large volumes of data, but also to suggest diagnoses, medications, and treatment plans through the analyzation of patient’s medical records, history, and current symptoms. While the physician will make the final call on such diagnosis and treatment, the AI has reduced the time spent in running tests and offered possible diagnosis.

The Movie Industry

A popular Hollywood casting director, Marci Liroff, has identified lack of tech skills as an impediment to building a career in said industry. The director highlighted basic tech skills like knowing how to use internet calling apps like skype, how to record oneself for auditions, upload to the relevant networks, and many other general tech skills are now a requirement for upcoming actors.

Already, the industry is using tech to digitally alter the appearances of actors and actresses by making them look younger or older. Some movie producers use gaming software to simulate realistic shots in real-time so that actors don’t have to imagine or visualize un-earthly beings and landscape while acting. This is called Virtual Production.

The Music Industry

One of the most advanced and most controversial tech software in the music industry is autotune. This software corrects, changes, and enhances a singer’s voice digitally, enabling them to reach a vocal range that they cannot reach physically.

Some music software enables music producers to create any kind of music from their home studios, giving them the ability to produce any sound of choice without any physical instrument present in the studio. Music Tech is so wide and varied that it has become a master’s degree in some universities, producing trained audio engineers, and other music professionals.

Software like ProTool enables a musician to record several parts of a song separately, before joining them together to produce one music track.

The Food Industry

Just by listening to the sound of a bird, Artificial Intelligence can detect any health issue the bird may be suffering from,  as well as perform other different functions in a farm like butchering.

Farmers use GMO (genetically modified organism) to stimulate rapid plant growth, in an effort to curb world hunger and produce staple food in regions where their growth may be affected. GMOs are used in the production of rice, corn, wheat, and other staple global crops.  

Tech is always finding new ways to burst into every industry and every sector to make things better, faster, easier, to multiply production or meet increased demand. Kids can change their career aspirations multiple times as they grow, but the impact of tech in every career line is a constant. Therefore, the best way to prepare kids for a brilliant career in any sector is by introducing them to tech. Having tech skills will build up their knowledge and relevance in that industry, enable them to visualize new ways tech can be used to make better changes in their industry, which will in turn place them on high demand in their workplace or business.

Give a child the gift of tech.

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