The changing landscape of jobs in Africa

One major effect of the pandemic was that it changed the way we work by brining remote work to the fore. As the pandemic lingered, companies sought and found ways to adapt to the new way of work, and employees found out that work could be done from home. More and more employees are now seeking for remote work opportunities while companies are expanding their borders by employing globally. 

The narrative for jobs in west Africa and, we dare to say globally, is shifting exponentially and many organizations and workers are taking advantage of the opportunity to find better work conditions for themselves.  

The landscape if jobs in Africa is changing. Working in a physical location is not the only means of earning a livelihood, like many millennials and Gen Zs are learning.  

What has millennials and Gen Zs discovered that their fathers never did?  

  • Great work can be done while sitting at home all day.  
  • They can work for international companies and earn more than their contemporaries, whilst being domiciled in their home countries 

Th growth of remote jobs in Nigeria alone has risen from 21.7% in 2020 to 42.3% in 2021. This shows clearly that even as the pandemic began to gradually decrease, the need and call for remote work continued to increase because it had been deemed valuable. Many organizations have perceived its reduction of overhead cost and many other benefits.  

This does not in any way state that remote work does not have its demerits. Power supply, poor internet, distractions, work-life balance among others are some of the major challenges remote workers face, especially in African countries. These challenges disrupt the work process and can be a hindrance to the achievement of company goals if not properly managed.  

Despite this, the call for remote work is still on the increase, showing that these demerits can be managed effectively. According to research by ICT pulse, over 80 million African citizens now have a remote work arrangement. 

What does this mean?  

The drive for global opportunities is at an all-time rise and more youngsters are rushing to the IT industry which is one of the most legitimate and fastest way to be a global worker. As more and more of these opportunities increase, more African talents are being harnessed internationally and Africa opens up to the world in terms of skill and earning potential. It is postulated that Africa’s tech economy can generate 180 billion dollars by 2025.  

Our drive at Fairexx Solutions is to build the educational gap in the tech industry by providing accessible, affordable, and in-depth tech knowledge transfer to the youths and anyone who desires to build a career in tech. Our focus is not just to launch profitable tech careers, but also to engender and engineer capacity building for national and international companies. We seek to position the African youth for global opportunities by equipping them with the requisite skills and information.  

The narrative of jobs in Africa is changing exponentially and we are educating youths and workters for better global opportunities because this is the future of work. 

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