Why Asetech Academy is the best bet for your kids’ tech future 

Choosing the right tech academy for your kids and teens is not often an easy decision. The first decision is determining which tech route is suitable for your child’s skill set and future goals. This is a very sensitive decision that needs to be carefully considered. Channelling your kids or wards down the right tech career path will pave the way and set them up in the right direction, without them having to backtrack and start learning a new tech skill later. For this reason, we have a guide on how this can be done properly.

The next decision is how and/or where your kids should learn tech. There are many ways that kids can learn tech, some of which include;

Ways for kids to learn Tech

  • Online classes
  • Physical classes
  • Private tutors
  • School Classes
  • Self-learning
  • Internship

There are many routes to learning tech, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, and can only be determined by taking several factors into consideration.

Tech academies usually provide one or two of these options. Many of them offer only online and physical classes. Some offer only private tutoring, and others may offer internship opportunities. But is there a tech academy that offers all of these methods of learning tech?

Yes, there is an academy that provides all of these tech-learning methods, suitably customised for kids, teens, and all other age brackets.

Asetech Academy is a tech academy located in Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria which began operations in 2021 and has since begun many innovative programs catered towards providing tech education to children, young adults, and adults in all categories. We have a range of programs specifically targeting kids and teens in primary and secondary schools as well as undergraduates and graduates.

Asetech provides physical classes, school classes, internship opportunities, qualified private tutors, and our online classes are set to begin in a short while. We also craft self-learning routes for kids and teens who want to start learning tech.

Why is Asetech Academy the best bet for your kid’s tech future?


We developed the curriculum for all our courses using these four tenets:

  • Basics and foundation: In teaching kids and teens how to master programming languages, we start from the very core basic of each course, using easy software, language and examples that they can easily understand and relate with.
  • Practical: each class is a practical class whereby our students are taught hands-on with assigned computers or their own laptop or computer. The best way to learn tech is by doing, and this is why our training hall is equipped with computer systems for every student.
  • Assignments: We give simple assignments that focus on getting them to think about how tech can affect real life, without necessarily detracting from their school work.
  • Dissertation which includes building a tech product, or design or specific to your course: At the end of every course, our students are required to build a tech product based on the course they have taken.

Range of Courses

We have a whole range of courses for every tech career path. Our courses range from programming languages like Python and Java, to Web and App development, to Data Analytics and Cyber Security, to UI/UX and Graphic design, to Adult tech classes, and many more. Our goal is to provide tech education for every tech career path imaginable. In order to do this, we work with employed and freelance tutors who are vastly qualified in their field with a proven track record.

World-grade equipment

Asetech Academy is fully stocked and equipped with the requisite materials for learning any tech course. Our workshop is equipped with computers and every student is assigned a computer for easy practical during class.

  • Kano devices: Kano devices are used to teach robotics to kids and teens. This device is a practical robotics product that is used to teach programming languages and can be broken down into compartments for ease of learning for robotics students. The Kano device was approved and recommended by Mark Zuckerberg as useful in teaching programming and robotics to kids.


All our courses are majorly scheduled around flexibility and convenience for our students.

  • Pick a time convenient for you in the scheduled days: While we have scheduled days for our classes, we usually allow for a bit of flexibility around the time for each class to be able to accommodate all students who have a full calendar.
  • Online or offline: While we are currently building our online classes which will be available in a little while, our offline classes are geared and highly effective for our students.
  • In school or out of school: Our Kodeklub classes are held in schools and allows kids to learn programming and robotics during school hours. This is done in conjunction with their school authorities and offered as a voluntary subject. This allows for freeing up after school hours. Alternatively, our Pride classes are taught in our Academy during the weekdays and once during the weekend in our premises. The hours are flexible and usually scheduled during after school periods.
  • Weekend classes or weekday classes: Kids and teens who register with us outside of the Kodeklub program have the option of having their classes during the weekdays or during the weekend. The weekday classes also include Saturday classes, while the weekend coding class holds only during the weekend for the weekend students.

Experienced and Professional Instructors

  • Freelancers with weight in their own tech space: we ensure that all our instructors are highly experienced in their field and have a proven track record. For example, one of our requirements for app dev instructors is the presence of an app they have built or were part of a team that built an app or apps that are registered in the google Playstore. This is an important determinant in their instructors’ qualification.

We care about teaching your kids tech

The most important reason Asetech Academy is the best bet for your kids and teens is our unrivalled and unparalleled passion for educating kids with tech knowledge, thereby equipping them for the future. We believe strongly that tech skills are necessary for survival in every area of work or industry, and our job is to give every child and teen the best chance for a better future. This is one of the reasons we launched the Kodeklub program. We understand clearly that while the rest of the world surges forward in teaching kids tech, African countries are somewhat lagging, and we decided that the best way to approach this was to incorporate coding into their academic lessons. The Kodeklub program is one where we establish weekly Coding lessons for pupils and students during school hours across Nigeria. While we have started with Rivers state, Nigeria, we have plans of expanding outside of Nigeria into the rest of Africa.

Kodeklub program

Asetech runs a school coding club called Kodeklub. In partnership with schools, we teach coding and robotics to kids in primary and secondary schools twice a week as a vocational course. Currently, this program is gaining ground in Rivers state but we plan to establish the program in all of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We also hope to establish the Kodeklub as a compulsory school subject, seeing that the basic programming skill is an added advantage for every kid living in the 21st century.

Knowledge Advancement

Our kids and teens curriculum and programs are tailored according to their age and pace. After graduating from the Asetech Pride which is tailored for 11–15 year olds, the students’ progress into our young adult classes by learning Web or App development, Full-stack programming, Data Management or Cyber security, etc. These courses are tailored to guide them into a specific tech career path which they can develop even before they get into the university.

What are the courses available?



Front End Development

Back End Development

App development

Full Stack Developer

UI/UX Design

Graphic Design

Data Science (coming soon)

Cyber Security (coming soon)

Asetech Academy is the best bet for a tech future.

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